Individuals with disabilities (who make up about half of our workforce) are renowned for being more loyal, enthusiastic and reliable than any other worker. And that’s not all. Your future employees come with training that has prepared them to succeed in your workforce and they come with a job coach who helps you to train them.

A workforce with the attitude you dream of and the talents you require 

How do we do it? We start by identifying individuals who are ready and enthusiastic about entering the workforce. Then we teach them both the soft skills and the practical skills they need to be successful employees in your business.

But we don’t stop there. Our Job Coaches help them explore what types of jobs would best suit their strengths and interests. They also:  

  • Accompany your new employee to orientation and training sessions, assuring that your expectations are reinforced right from the start

  • Remain on your site, side-by-side with your new employee, right up to the time that they can work independently

  • Routinely follow up with you and your employee, so that potential problems are resolved quickly and effectively, before they become significant issues

The bottom line: We want both you and your new employee to be satisfied. We want you to have a long, productive and happy employer-employee relationship. When we achieve that, it’s a win for everyone!

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All of our profits support SOAR365

Since 1954, SOAR365 has been determined to find a better way of supporting and caring for individuals with disabilities—and their families. The profits earned by Business Solutions are the primary source of funding for SOAR365.