For 10 weeks every summer, SOAR365’s Summer Camp at Camp Baker is brimming with the happiest campers anywhere—individuals with disabilities who are brimming with gratitude, enthusiasm and love—all of whom are being cared for by highly-trained counselors filled with compassion, grace and tenderness. 

It’s a thrilling getaway for kids and adults. A respite for their families. And a summer camp tradition unlike any other… and exactly like every camp you’ve ever seen. Everyone should be able to have this kind of experience. And thanks to SOAR365’s Summer Camp at Camp Baker, everyone can.  


The number of happy campers we can host at Summer Camp


The number of years we’ve been making memories


The number of beds in the lodge


The percentage of camper’s families and caregivers who would recommend our camp to others 

Each time my child visits Camp Baker I see improvements. It’s a wonderful place that gives our family a real break and peace of mind. It truly is a big help to us.
— Summer Camp Parent

Every kid wants the same thing. Around here, every kid gets to do it.

Horseback riding
Paddle boating
Pool parties
Talent shows 
Arts & Crafts
Nature class
Ring toss
Sleeping outside in a tent
Playground fun
Music (including Karaoke) 
Relay Races
Face Painting

Which theme week fits you best?

Week 1 for ADULTS Jun 16 — Jun 21 Country & Western
Week 2 for ADULTS Jun 23 — Jun 28 Around the World
Week 3 for KIDS Jun 30 — Jul 5 American Dream
Week 4 for KIDS Jul 7 — Jul 12 Disney®
Week 5 for ADULTS Jul 14 — Jul 19 Prom Night
Week 6 for ADULTS Jul 21 — Jul 26 Carnival Games
Week 7 for ADULTS Jul 28 — Aug 2 80s & 90s Disco
Week 8 for ADULTS Aug 4 — Aug 9 Earth Project
Week 9 for ADULTS Aug 11 — Aug 16 Challenge Yourself
Week 10 for ADULT MALES Aug 18 — Aug 23 Olympics

Check back with us soon for this season’s Summer Camp application dates.


“After riding a horse for the first time or getting on a paddleboat, campers all of sudden have confidence in themselves they never knew they had.”

—Director of Respite and Summer Camp


Spend ten minutes at SOAR365 Summer Camp at Camp Baker. See why every week is so special. 


A few fun facts 


There are eight week-long sessions for adults (18 and up).
And two week-long sessions for children 6-17. 

Day Camp Option

We also provide a Day Camp option for individuals who prefer to just come for the day. 


The American Camp Association has fully accredited our Summer Camp because we meet the most up-to-date, research-based standards. 


Most of our camp counselors are young people from around the world. Many are being trained in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and other disability related fields. 

For directions to Camp Baker, please visit Locations.


There’s only way to make sure your loved one is a happy camper. Apply quickly.

Our Summer Camp hosts 600 individuals every summer. If your loved one is #601 or higher, he or she definitely won’t be a happy camper. So don’t waste another minute. Apply now.


Your donation does so much

It’s simple. The cost of bringing each camper to our Summer Camp is double what we charge. So your gift helps us make up the $1100 per week per camper we need to meet our expenses.