You love your child 24/7. But thanks to our Respite program, it doesn’t have to be a 24/7 job. Available for 46 weekends a year, our Respite program allows you to confidently put your loved one in our care so you can take time to care for yourself.

Like all of SOAR365’s programs, our Respite program gives your loved one more than a place to go. It gives them a place to grow. And thrive. And be challenged. And really, really have a good time. 

While in our care, your loved one will be doing these sorts of things

  • Discovering new ways to express him or herself through art, music and other creative outlets

  • Trips to restaurants, museums, movies, libraries and parks

  • Swimming and bowling

  • Exercising

  • Getting nutrition counseling and medication management

  • Acquiring important social skills

Do something great for yourself—and your family member. Take advantage of SOAR365’s Respite program

Respite starts when you reach out

Please give us a call at (804) 748-4789 or email us at;
To find where these services are offered, please visit Locations.


The number of families who benefitted from our Respite Program in 2018


The number of weekends we provide Respite


The percentage of participants who love this program


The percentage of caregivers in the US with no access to a respite program

When do you need us? 

  • Weekend Respite: 46-hour stay (Friday – Sunday) for children ages 6 through adult who need a break from their caregivers. Assistance with meals, daily living needs, medication, recreational activities. 

  • Saturday Respite: Daytime care on the Saturdays when Weekend Respite is available. Perfect for the individual who doesn’t need (or isn’t comfortable with) an overnight stay.

  • Emergency Respite: 24-hour care during a family crisis. Please give a 12-hour notice to allow for staff scheduling.

  • Extended-Stay Respite: One- to two-week stay for youth through adults when they or their caregivers need an extended break from each other. Available during the summer.

We have been to seven states and this program is the best we have seen. (My child) loves coming to Camp Baker and the weekends are his opportunity to be independent and enjoy himself with others like him.
— Respite Program Parent

Relief starts when you enroll

About 80% of families in the U.S. who need respite care say they have a very hard time finding it. Well, you’ve found it. Now all you need to do is enroll. We’ve made it as easy as possible. Just click below to get started.


Your donation does so much

Respite is one of the most desperately needed services for families of individuals with disabilities. Sadly, the reimbursement rates are so low that few providers offer it. But SOAR365 (as is often the case) is different. But it’s a costly decision. Every weekend we’re open, we operate at a $14,000 deficit. Your donation helps us recover some of that money.