PARK365 Reservation Policies

Reservation Guidelines

  • Please clean up after your group. Trash barrels are provided.

  • A Damage/Clean-Up fee may be collected if the reserved site is damaged or left unclean.

  • Alcoholic beverages, glass, grills or open flames are prohibited.

  • Electrical outlets are available

  • There must be at least one adult present for every 8 children.

  • PARK365 cannot be used for fund raising, political, religious or private gain.
    *Picnic facility reservations and organized meetings associated with religious, political or private groups with the intent of soliciting, recruiting or attracting volunteers, individuals or outside agencies, solicitation of money, distribution of literature or requests for donations, or use for private gain, are prohibited.

  • Individuals or groups that are deemed disruptive, not in the keeping of SOAR365’s mission statement and/or core values or are infringing upon the human rights of other park visitors will be asked to leave the premises.

Cancellation PolicY

  • Cancellations due to inclement weather will be fully refunded.

  • Other cancellations must be made at least 7 days prior to event to receive a full refund.

  • Cancellations made within 7 days will incur a 50% cancellation fee up to a maximum of $25.

  • Cancellations can be made by email: or phone (804) 665-1220.

General Park Rules

  • Only service pets are permitted in the park.

  • No bikes, skateboards or rollerblades are allowed.

  • Inspect play area before starting to play.

  • Caregiver/Supervision recommended.

  • Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Specific areas are designated for toddlers, ages 2-5, 5-12 and adults.

  • No smoking is permitted. Only use designated areas outside the park.

  • No cursing, yelling, inappropriate language, running, hitting, pushing or shoving is allowed.

  • No alcoholic beverages, glass, grills or fires are allowed.

  • No food, drink or gum is allowed on equipment or safety surfaces.

  • The park is generally open from dawn to dusk.

  • The park may be closed for inclement weather, overcrowding or special events.

  • No trespassing when park is closed.

  • For the safety and well being of evryone using the park, Weapons of any kind, illegal drugs and explosives or fireworks of any kind are strictly prohibited.

  • Call (804) 665-1220 to report maintenance or safety issues or to preregister groups of 10 or more.


  • Equipment and surfaces may become hot. Check by hand before allowing to play.

  • Playing on equipment when wet may cause injury.

  • If you notice broken equipment or anything that requires immediate attention, please call (804) 665-1220.


  • Do not use bicycle helmets on play equipment. They can cause head entrapment and strangulation.

  • Do not wear clothing with drawstrings, hoods, toggles or accessories around a person’s neck. It may cause strangulation.


  • Swings: Hold on with both hands. Standing on swings can cause injury. Stop swinging before getting off. Never swing or twist empty seats. Stand clear of moving swing to avoid contact.

  • Slides: Slide feet first only. No running or walking up slides.

  • Climbers: No pushing, running or shoving. Play safely and be courteous of others.