Why is ARC (now SOAR365) opening a new location at Staples Mill Road?

Our friends at A Grace Place (AGP), a not-for-profit that served those with physical, developmental and age-related disabilities for over 50 years, had to close their doors on March 23, 2018.

About 150 individuals and families lost a critical partner in their care. Individuals who participated in AGP’s programs lost a familiar, stable home-away-from-home at its Staples Mill Road location. They had to say goodbye to staff who knew them well and with whom they had developed strong relationships. Suddenly, their caregivers had to balance work and other responsibilities, while looking for a new service provider. That would be a challenge, because many providers are not equipped to handle those with complex needs.

ARC wanted to help, but we were out of space and had a waiting list for Adult Day Support programs at our Saunders Avenue location on Richmond’s Northside and Camp Baker in Chesterfield County.  

Helping these individuals and families aligns with our mission, and we’ve been providing day support services for adults with disabilities for many years. Our curriculum is robust, and family surveys demonstrate a high level of confidence and satisfaction.

We’ve worked steadfastly—since March 23—to open ARC’s (now SOAR365) doors at Staples Mill Road so individuals with disabilities, many who find change difficult, can return to a familiar, stable environment; so they can be greeted by many of AGP’s former staff, who they know and trust; and so their families can get back to working and living their normal lives.


What programs will be offered at SOAR365 @ Staples Mill?

SOAR365@StaplesMill will offer two programs:

  • Adult Day Support opens on April 30th

  • Adult Day Health will open as soon as possible. It is funded differently, and completing regulatory and licensing processes takes longer

If you are interested in enrolling in either program, contact Kris Smith, SOAR365’s intake specialist at (804) 665-1283 (direct line) or email at