SOAR365’s Camp Baker to get a recreation building

Camp Baker is a busy place. From ten weeks of Summer Camp and 46 weekends of Respite to year-round Children & Youth and Adult programs, there’s always something great happening on our very special 23 acres in Chesterfield County. 

Now, thanks to the generosity of M.H. ‘Bud’ Reinhart, Camp Baker can be even busier—no matter what the weather is like. 

We’re delighted to announce that The M.H. ‘Bud’ Reinhart Center at SOAR365’s Camp Baker has broken ground and starting this fall individuals who come to Camp Baker will have nearly two-football fields of indoor space to participate in a wide array of activities. 

Knowing that individuals with disabilities are more sensitive to extreme weather conditions—heat, cold, wind, snow and rain—this massive facility has long been on the dream list of SOAR365. After all, without access to a sizable climate-controlled space, too many of the individuals we serve simply can’t take full advantage of the joys of Camp Baker. 

With the completion of the M.H. ‘Bud’ Reinhart Center, they’ll now have a more than 3000-square foot fitness and recreation space. There will also be two 900-square foot classrooms plus a life-skills teaching kitchen. 

Further, because of the addition of this 10,000 sure foot facility, we’ll be expanding the capacity of SOAR365 Summer Camp at Camp Baker from 435 to 600 individuals. That’s a 38% increase in Summer Camp participants! 

Best of all, desperately needed Respite will no longer be weather dependent. Summer campers won’t have stop having fun just because it’s too hot or rainy or windy. And the individuals in our our Children & Youth program will always be in a safe, fun and entertaining environment, even if they can’t go outside. 

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the realization of this long hoped-for facility. Your generosity will change the lives of children and adults with disabilities, plus their families and therapists.