Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities. 


When you see people differently, you serve people differently. And for 65 years, we’ve been helping individuals with disabilities—and their families—in ways that understand their unique challenges and celebrate their unique gifts. 

And even though our name has changed, our services, our commitment and our respect for you haven’t. The ARC you know is now the SOAR365 you’ll love.


Our name wasn’t as big as our dreams. So we changed it. We’re now SOAR365.


2019 Ladybug Fund Winetasting and Silent Auction.

Come join us for an evening of fine West Coast and Virginia wines, local craft beer, live music, delicious food and a spectacular silent auction, all benefiting children with disabilities in our programs.  Purchase your tickets here!


Human Services



Every age. Every individual. Every solution possible. At SOAR365 our care is driven by just one thing… your needs. We’ve never accepted the traditional solutions, and we’re not about to start now. So if you have a loved one with a disability, reach out to us. Together, we’ll do everything possible. 


Business Solutions



There’s a reason we earned revenues of over 11 million dollars in 2018. We’re organized to compete. And we’ll put our workforce up against anyone else’s. The good news is, the winner will always be you.


The number of individuals with disabilities we served in 2018 (a number that grows when you factor in how much we help their families too)


The percentage of parents in our Pediatric Therapy program who say they’re more confident in their ability to work with their loved one


The number of individuals with disabilities in our Business Solutions workforce in 2018


The number of people in Central Virginia who are on the Medicaid Waivers waiting list for the type of services we provide


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We can support so many more individuals with disabilities. But we need your help.


SOAR365 Summer Camp at Camp Baker changed Billy’s life. And his sister’s too. 

“I’m Billy’s biggest advocate,” says his sister Cookie.

Billy, 53, has been attending SOAR365’s overnight summer program at Camp Baker for more than a decade. “I think it helps him open up and experience new things. Seeing his peers do things that he’s afraid of inspires him to think, ‘if that person can do it, I can do it,’ ” she says.

It took Billy about five years to participate in horseback riding, canoeing and paddle boating, but when he did, “he loved it! Once he tries something, he’s ecstatic,” she added.

While Billy is on vacation, Cookie has a vacation, too. “At Camp Baker they look forward to seeing him, and he looks forward to seeing them. Gives me a little down time.”

“SOAR has been marvelous,” she said, explaining families can be comfortable that their loved ones are safe and happy.

“That little bit of time gets you refreshed.”


Go play inside! SOAR365 @ Camp Baker is getting a multi-purpose building.

We’re delighted to announce that we have broken ground on the M.H. ‘Bud’ Reinhart Center at SOAR365’s Camp Baker location. In the fall, individuals who come to Camp Baker will have nearly two-football fields of indoor space to participate in a wide array of activities. 


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