2018 was a year to remember

  • We provided services for 1,337 individuals and their families

  • Construction plans and fundraising for a year-round multipurpose facility at SOAR365@CampBaker were announced 

  • Our was financial position is very healthy, with a strong cash position and manageable debt

Recognized and admired for our efficiency and effectiveness

We do a pretty good job of sustaining ourselves. However, we still need help. Investments in our organization—through financial contributions, donations of time and expertise, or introduction to new business opportunities—are required for us to build on our success. These investments allow us to:

  • Sustain programs that are critically needed, but cannot survive without additional financial support

  • Build the quality of our programs to be best-in-class in every way

  • Offer opportunities to more individuals with disabilities than ever before

With your help, our unique approach to empowering individuals with disabilities through services, training and employment is helping to change lives across Virginia.


90% of All Funds Go Towards Programs



Our impact is measured in millions: millions of dollars, dreams and opportunities

We invite you to read through our annual reports and financial statements to get a full understanding of the scope of our reach and results. Together, we can continue to break down the barriers and help thousands embark on the road to independence and fulfilling their potential.